Meet Yevgeniy Volkov Alexander Volkov’s Father

Professor Evgeny (Yevgeniy) N. Volkov teaches at the Nizhniy Novgorod State University’s Higher School of Economics.

He’s also a social psychologist and a member of Ukraine’s Family and Personality Protection Society’s Administrative Council (Board of Directors).

In the fields of social impact and critical thinking, Mr. Volkov specializes in counseling, trainings, and expert testimony.

He teaches psychology, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and social engineering courses, as well as a course called “Psychological Defense Against Psychological and Spiritual Abuse.”

Mr. Volkov’s works include “The Criminal Challenge to Practical Psychology: A Phenomenon of Destructive Cults and Mind Control,” “Methods of Recruitment and Mind Control in Destructive Cults,”

“The Basic Models of Mind Control (Thought Reform),” and “Consultation with Victims of an Intensive Mental Manipulation: Basic Principles, Specificity of Practice.”

In Russia, his translations of literature on social influence and cults are well recognized.

Mr. Volkov also conducts seminars and trainings for psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and educators in a variety of Russian and NIS cities.

Mr. Volkov works with municipal, governmental, and non-governmental groups, as well as attorneys and journalists, and has been in several TV shows and films on cults and psychological abuse.

In addition, he talks with people and families who have been harmed by psychological or spiritual abuse in a variety of groups and organizations.


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