Alison has proudly served the New York City Police Department since joining in 1997 and has attained the rank of Deputy Inspector.

All New Yorkers, especially those who require assistance, who are in danger, and are unable to defend themselves, have a right to safety, freedom, and protection, in Alison’s opinion. This is why she joined the NYPD.

Alison Esposito Husband: Is Alison Esposito Married?
Alison Esposito Husband: Is Alison Esposito Married?

As soon as Alison joined the NYPD, she started her first patrol in Manhattan’s Midtown South district. She joined the Anti-Crime team, a force operating in plain clothes that focuses on violent street crime, after dispatching some of the worst criminals.

She then enrolled in the Emergency Services Unit of the NYPD. Alison was transferred to the Brooklyn 70th Precinct, where she served as the Deputy Inspector after serving in the Bronx, the NYPD’s Gang Unit, and on numerous other assignments.

Alison has fought crime her entire adult life and is more than capable of combating the epidemic of crime and violence in the state.

New York needs strong, tenacious, and courageous leadership now more than ever to protect everyday New Yorkers, lower their cost of living, and restore our state to its former grandeur.

Is Alison Esposito Married?

According to reports, Alison Esposito is currently married and she has come to reveal that she is gay. She is the first gay who has boldly come out as a candidate for the Lieutenant Governor of New York.

However, information about Alison Esposito’s husband is not yet available on the internet.

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