Of all the work and sacrifice of sportsmen or professionals in their career making it to the Hall of Fame of that space is the crème-de-la-crème. Hall of Fame in sports simply means sports individuals have been honored ultimately for their contribution to the growth of the sport.

In American football, contribution only does not warrant you to be a Famer. The process is quite intense as there is a board that needs to vote and jaw-jaw.

Los Angeles Rams Hall of Famers (Players)

For the Los Angeles Rams, there have been some players inducted into the Hall of Fame status and they are;

Name                                   Year Inducted                                   

  • Allen, George                          2002
  • Dickerson, Eric                       1999
  • Faulk, Marshall                         2011
  • Fears, Tom                               1970
  • Hirsch, Elroy                            1968
  • Jones, David                             1980
  • Mack, Tom                                1999
  • Matson, Ollie                            1972
  • Olsen, Merlin                             1982
  • Pace Orlando                              2016
  • Richter, Les                                  2011
  • Slater, Jackie                                 2001
  • Van Brocklin, Norm                    1971
  • Waterfield, Bob                           1965
  • Jack Youngblood                         2001

Currently, the number of players for the Los Angeles Rams to make it to the hall of fame are 15. The Rams won the NFC championship in 1979, 1999, 2001 thanks to some of the players whose names are on that of the Famers. Also, the Rams hold the first position in NFC West. We only hope for more Rams to break the threshold and go etch the names in the sands of time as well.


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