All Washington Football Team Players In The Hall Of Fame; Who Are They? – Washington Football Team Hall of Famers

Washington Football Team Hall of Famers are the players inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame. There have been over  32 former players, coaches, and administrators inducted for enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

The Washington Football Team is an American football team headquartered in the Washington metropolitan region. The Washington Redskins, as they used to be known, are a National Football League (NFL) franchise in the National Football Conference (NFC) East division.

The squad has played more than 1,000 games and is one of just five in the NFL with more than 600 wins. Forbes estimates the worth of the Washington Redskins at at $4.2 billion, ranking them as the sixth most expensive NFL team.

A year after the Redskins were established, they changed their name from the Boston Braves. In 1937, the franchise relocated to Washington, D.C. Both the NFL championship game in 1937 and the Super Bowls in XVII, XXII, and XXVII were won by the club. While the Redskins have finished second five times, they were unable to go farther in the postseason in those seasons due to a lack of quality quarterback play.

Name               Position           Year Inducted

Cliff Battles                 Running Back                                 1968

Sammy Baugh             Quarterback                                  1963
Bill Dudley                  Running Back                                 1966
Turk Edwards                 Tackle                                          1969
Russ Grimm                    Guard                                          2010
Chris Hanburger         Linebacker                                      2011
Ken Houston                 Safety                                           1986
Sam Huff                   Linebacker                                       1982
Sonny Jurgensen     Quarterback                                       1983
Wayne Millner                                                                    1968
Bobby Mitchell             Flanker                                           1983
Art Monk                Wide Receiver                                      2008
John Riggins             Running Back                                    1992
Charley Taylor       Wide Receiver                                        1984
Champ Bailey       Cornerback                                              2019

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