Amaka BBNaija State of Origin: Which State Does Amaka BBN Come From?

Amaka, real name Chiamaka Crystal Mbah, is a contestant on Big Brother Naija Level Up and is competing for the N100,000,000 grand prize. She is a 23-year-old nursing assistant. This self-described “daddy’s daughter” is the sole female in her family, has only one sister, and adores kind-hearted guys. Her life’s highs and lows have been made easier for her to manage by her mantra, “Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead.”

Amaka admits that she joined up for Big Brother Naija with the intent to do more than just win; she also wanted to have fun, make new friends, and annoy her ex-boyfriends. Amaka claims that although she comes across as brash, cruel, and arrogant, when people get to know her better, they discover that she is actually as supple as jelly.

I’m torn between being a disciplined youngster and a spoiled brat, she said. Amaka’s positive traits are her originality and realism, while her negative traits include her overemotion and impatience.


Amaka BBN
Amaka BBN

She will readily confess that she talks a lot, which her fellow Housemates can find annoying. I have a large parrot body! I’m free to work for you, o. I’m free to talk at any time, she says. Even though she acknowledges harboring resentments, Amaka believes that by being truthful, she makes up for it. “With me, you’ll always know where you stand.”

Which State Does Amaka BBN Come From?

Amaka is a Nigerian and she is from Anambra State.

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