Amanda Knox Biography

Amanda Knox who is fully called Amanda Marie Knox happens to be an American writer, a politician, and a journalist who was born on July 9, 1987, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

She is known to be incarcerated for four years in a prison in Italy which followed her wrongful conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher, a colleague she shared the same apartment with in Perugia.

Talking about her conviction theory, she was 20 years as at the time the murder case and story ensued. According to the reports, she called the police when she encountered an unusual scene following her visit to her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. She found the friend in her bedroom with the door locked with a whole lot of blood in the bathroom.

Moving on, her arrest happened when she was convicted of murder by implicating herself and one Patrick Lumumba. The latter was released in the course of thorough investigations and then Knox followed when a revelation regarding who the real killer was discovered. He was known to be a burglar Rudy Guede when bloodstained fingerprints were discovered on his possessions.

Knox is the eldest of her parents who were born to Edda Mellas and Curt Knox. She probably had a rough early life when her parents separated at the age of 10 years. She attended and graduated from Seattle Preparatory School and The University Of Washington. Her professional life details that she was a reviewer and journalist for the then-West Seattle Herald.

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox Real Age

Amanda Knox is 34 years old since July 1987. She will be 35 in July 2022.

Amanda Knox Height

Amanda is 1.6m tall.

Amanda Knox Boyfriend

Knox who was dating Raffaele Sollecito, an Italian man was tried separately from Guede and found guilty of Kercher’s murder twice, the first time in 2009 and the second time in 2014 by an appeals court. Amanda is now engaged to one Christopher Robinson.

Amanda Knox Children

Amanda Knox Announces the Birth of Her First Child, Eureka Muse, on Instagram. Amanda Knox and her husband Christopher Robinson have had their first child.

Amanda Knox’s Net Worth

Amanda Knox is a well-known American author with a fortune of $500 thousand.


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