Amy Schumer Children: Meet Amy Schumer Kid Gene David Fischer

Meet Amy Schumer’s Kid Gene David Fischer

Gene David Fischer is the famous son of Amy Schumer, an American stand-up comedian, and actress. He is currently two years old.

Amy is a well-known and accomplished comedian. She is well-known and has worked in the industry for many years. She began her career as a professional comedian in 2004 and has grown in popularity over the years.

Amy’s life was never one of luxury. She endured numerous challenges during her life, yet she never gave up hope and continued to pursue what she loved.

She has done a lot of stand-up comedy, TV shows, and films, and she is quite brilliant at whatever she does. Amy and Chris had a lovely wedding, although it was rushed.

They barely had 4 to 5 days to organize their big day, and they only invited their friends and guests a few days before the wedding.

Amy’s close friend Jennifer Lawrence delivered an emotional speech on their wedding day, leaving them in tears. Many more well-known celebrities were present at their wedding and wished them a good married life.

Gene was given the middle name “Attell” as a tribute to comedian Dave Attell. They named him that for a time but changed it to David when the pair discovered his name sounded like ‘genital.’


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