Andrea Horwath MPP is a Canadian politician who has been the Official Opposition Leader in Ontario since 2018 and the leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party since 2009.

Since 2004, she has served as a member of the Hamilton Centre Provincial Parliament.

Andrea Horwath is the first woman to lead the Ontario New Democratic Party, and one of only three women to lead a political party with representation in the Ontario provincial legislature (the other two are former Ontario Liberal Party leaders Kathleen Wynne and Lyn McLeod). She was elected to the position at the Ontario NDP leadership convention in 2009.


Horwath led the Ontario NDP to formal opposition status in the 2018 provincial election, following 23 years of no government or opposition.

Horwath grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, and graduated from McMaster University with a bachelor’s degree in labor studies. To help pay for her education, she worked part-time as a waitress.

Andrew, a Hungarian immigrant from Slovakia, worked on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company facility in Oakville, Ontario. Diane, her mother, is French-Irish.

Andrea Horwath Net Worth

Andrea Horwath has a net worth of $5 million

Andrea Horwath Salary

Andrea Horwath salary is around $210,000.

Andrea Horwath Children

Andrea Horwath has one child by name Julian Leonetti

Andrea Horwath Husband

Andrea Horwath is married to Ben Leonetti

Andrea Horwath Party

Andrea Horwath is with the Ontario New Democratic Party

Andrea Horwath Twitter

Andrea Horwath Twitter
Andrea Horwath Twitter

Andrea Horwath Age

is 59 years old. She was born on October 24, 1962.


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