Anna Turner Cook was the original model of the baby food company; Gerber products Company owned by Dan Gerber. The identity of the infant, however, was kept hidden for decades, leading to suspicions about who it was, with Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor being among the people who were rumored to be the face in the Gerber illustration.

It was eventually found to be Cook, who went on to become an English teacher in Tampa, Florida, and later a mystery author, in the late 1970s. In a 1998 interview with The Associated Press, Cook said her mother had told her she was the baby in that illustration on the food containers.

Ann Turner Cook Children: Did Ann Turner Cook Have Children?
Ann Turner Cook Children: Did Ann Turner Cook Have Children?

Cook was 5 months old when a neighbor, artist Dorothy Hope Smith, made a charcoal sketch of her, which was later entered into a contest held by Gerber for a national baby food marketing campaign.

Did Anna Turner Have Children?

Cook, who has now been revealed to be the Gerber baby passed away yesterday, June 3, 2022. The news was broken by the Gerber Company on their social media handle. The cause of her death was not stated but we can assume it could have been associated with old age.

Although much information is not known about Cook’s family, It was reported by Fox 13 that Cook had four children and even had great grand children at the time of her death.

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