Anna Hunt Age: How old is Jeremy Hunt’s Daughter Anna Hunt?

Jeremy Hunt's Daughter Anna Hunt

Jeremy Hunt is a politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer. He was born on November 1st, 1966, and he spent his childhood in Surrey, which is also where his mother still resides.

Hunt received his education at Charterhouse, which is located in Godalming, the same town that has been home to members of his family, spanning two generations, for the better part of the past 60 years.

Hunt went to Oxford University right after he graduated from high school. There, he got a first-class honors degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

After that, he got a job working for a management consulting firm before moving on to Japan, where he lived for two years, taught English, and studied the Japanese language. Upon arriving back in the UK, Hunt established his own educational publishing company under the name Hotcourses.

Hunt was given the role of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in July 2018, and he continued to serve in that capacity until July 2019.

With backing from a variety of political parties, Hunt was chosen to lead the Health and Social Care Select Committee in January 2020.

Hunt married Lucia in July 2009, and the couple has a son and two daughters.

How old is Jeremy Hunt’s Daughter Anna Hunt?

Anna Hunt is the second child and the first daughter of Jeremy and Lucia. She was born in 2012 making her 12 years old in 2022.

Hunt expressed his concern in 2014 that unchecked immigration would subject his children to discrimination.

He argued that until more is done to reduce immigration to the UK, resentment of immigrants will grow.

Jeremy is quite good at keeping his family out of the public eye.

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