Hospital treatment for a 12-year-old kid who sustained brain damage in a home accident last month is at the center of a High Court battle over his care.

They believe the 12-year-old boy Archie Battersbee, who lives in Southend in Essex and has been on life support since September, is dead.

Archie Battersbee
Archie Battersbee

“We initially thought that it was a freak accident but now I’m wondering whether it could be some sort of online challenge,” she said.

“Someone got in touch with me to say they’d heard of boys putting ligatures over their head as part of an online challenge. “It may not be but I’m not ruling it out.”

Archie Battersbee Parents: Who Is Archie Battersbee Father?

Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, his parents, have expressed their worries about the ideas.

The hospital where Archie is being treated, the Royal London Hospital, wants a court to decide what is best for the boy.

Hollie Dance, Archie’s mother, told PA News last week that she discovered him on the morning of April 7th with a ligature around his neck.

A representative for Ms. Dance and Paul Battersbee, Bruno Quintavalle, expressed worry that the “brain-stem” test offered by medical specialists was “not one” that could “reliably lead to a determination of death.”

His parents were also concerned, he added, because of the swelling in Archie’s head.


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