Archie Eversole who is really called Arthur “Archie” Eversole is a German-born American hip-hop rapper who died recently on April 13, 2022. He became well renowned for his 2002 album “Ride with me Dirty”. He was born on July 26, 1984, in Germany. According to sources, he was given birth at a US military base in Germany.

Archie Eversole passed away at the age of 37 years. He started his career as a musician and a rapper at the age of 17. His most famous single aside from the album “Ride with Me” was “We Ready”. Since then he went quiet on his album production. But he was able to come back along the way with the most recent since 2020.

He was known to be behind the song titled “United We Conquer” an anthem used in Atlanta sporting events. He was actually selected by the Major League Soccer team Atlanta United to put together the hit. He made his name in the world of sports through the production of such a remarkable piece.

A lot of fans paid tribute to the rap legend over his unexpected demise. “The man who gave us ‘We Ready, the greatest Game Day anthem ever, has passed away at 37 years old. Rest In Peace Archie Eversole. Prayers up to his family and loved ones,” former NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin III registered his condolence.

Archie Eversole
Archie Eversole

Archie Eversole Cause of Death

According to the reports, he received a gunshot wound on March 25, 2022, and could not make it from the gunshot. He passed away from his injuries on 13 April. According to reports his brother was responsible for his death.



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