Are Chris and Darren Friends?

Chris and Darren use to be good friends back in the days when they were both casts on the Glee TV series. In 2015 via an interview, Darren stated they were still buddies but according to multiple reports, they are not friends anymore.

A user on Reddit posted “So I wasn’t a glee fan when glee came out. I have, however, watched some interviews and initially, Darren and Chris seem close and like good friends. But I checked the other day out of curiosity and neither of them follows the other one. Idk why but I just want to figure out the reason behind their friendship ending.

Chris and Darren starred in Glee which is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network.

Also, multiple reports suggested that Chris and Darren were in a secret relationship. There are some fans who feel Chris and Darren are having an affair. Yes, the rumors were pervasive enough that he felt compelled to respond.

“…we’re very good friends… I think sometimes I – I’m always very hesitant to say any relationship that I have, because the fans are so sure that Klaine exists, and a lot of fans think that Glee is a documentary. But it’s not. It is not a documentary! Darren and I, we are not in a relationship in real life. We go home at the end of the day. Separate homes! But, everyone on that set’s family. Everyone.”




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