Ghislaine Maxwell and Scott Borgerson are no longer together. Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband reportedly broke up with her over the phone while she was in jail.

The socialite Maxwell, who was convicted on sex trafficking charges, was revealed to be married during her trial last year.

Although her husband’s identity was not disclosed during the trial, he is popularly believed to be Scott Borgerson, a tech millionaire.

As reported by the Mail on Sunday, the 46-year-old has recently filed for divorce.

A 60-year-old Maxwell’s friend alleged that Mr. Borgerson had informed him he was “seeing someone else,” according to the newspaper.

They were quoted as stating, “There was a dramatic phone call between them, while she was in jail in solitary confinement. It escalated into an argument.

“Scott informed her that he had moved on with his life and was seeing someone else,”

Mr. Borgerson was apparently seen with another woman, who is a U.S. journalist at a local newspaper, leading to speculation that they are dating.

He claims they are just old acquaintances and not dating, despite being a divorced father of two and the former head of a marine analytics firm.

In legal documents submitted to the court in 2020, Maxwell disclosed that she had placed all of her property in a trust that was administered by Mr. Borgerson.

While Maxwell was in jail awaiting a trial that year, her husband pleaded with the judge to release her, calling her a “beautiful and lovely lady.”

Her spouse, who is not identified in the papers, claimed, “I have never witnessed anything close to inappropriate with Ghislaine.”

An American jury found Maxwell guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking in late December.


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