Atlanta Braves Team Colors And Jerseys for 2022 Season

The 2022 season of Major League Baseball(MLB) happens to be its 119 years in existence. It is a championship, borne as a form of reconciliation and friendship to the then Baseball associations. For every baseball team to play in the league the players must have jerseys to b worn on the field of play.

As part of the tenets of baseball, each team must have a home, away/road, and alternate jersey. For the alternate jersey, some clubs have 2 some 3 and they attach a particular significance and importance to it.

The Atlanta Braves are an American professional baseball team in Atlanta metropolitan area. In a rank of nice baseball jerseys in the MLB by Joe Rivera and Emily Carson in 2020, Braves came in 19th. According to Joe Rivera, the uniform works for them but they tend to lose some points on the cap logo. He also added that their cream alternates are superbly amazing. 

Colors and Jersey for Braves in 2022.

The 2022 season starts on March 31, 2022, and the Braves are the current champions of the World Series championship. They intend to retain that title this year; but what preparation have they made. In this section we look at the jersey and colors the Braves hope to rock this year 2022;

The colors of the Braves are white, navy blue, scarlet red.

Home Jersey

The home jersey of the team is a white one with red pipping from the neck region way down the front side button side of the jersey. Also on the sleeves are the same red small fabrics as seen in the picture above. The nickname of the team/logo is on the chest of the jersey as well names and player numbers are on the back. The outlining of the inscription is navy-blue.



Since 2019, players have been encouraging fans to wear the red jersey for Friday matches whiles they do the same too. Aside from the red, there is a cream and navy-blue alternate jersey.


The red alternate jersey has a navy-blue fabric stretching from the neck way down the button section. On the sleeves is the same color as the piece of fabric. The logo of the team is on the chest of the jersey and the name and numbers a player represent on the back. See the image above for reference.


For the alternate navy blue the name on the chest of the jersey is Atlanta but beneath the inscription is the Indian-like weapon of old.  On the neck region down to the bottom of the button region is a white piece o fabric. The sleeves also have a small piece of white fabric around them. The inscriptions are outlined with the color white.



According to Joe Rivera, a baseball analyst the cream jersey of the Braves is superb. The cream has a piece of black fabric on the neck region stretching down to the bottom of the button region. On the chest are the inscriptions Braves with no Indian-like weapon.


The gray jersey of the Braves has the inscription Atlanta on the chest with the Indian-like weapon of old beneath it. The outlining of the inscription is navy-blue. On the neck of the jersey down to the bottom of the button region is a piece of red and navy-blue fabric. See image above for reference.

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