Austin Walker Biography: Who is Austin Walker?

Austin Walker

Austin Walker is a game journalist and the editor-in-chief of Waypoint, who also used to be a scholar. In his writing, he explores topics such as video games, culture, and the relationship between the two. ​

Walker was a part of the Giant Bomb family in addition to working as a freelance writer.

Austin Walker
Austin Walker

Austin Walker Career

Austin’s background is a fascinating concoction of creative labor, academic study, and various forms of game journalism and critique.

He has written for publications such as Paste, Gamespot, and Giant Bomb, amongst others, and holds a Master’s degree in Aesthetics and Politics from CalArts.

Up until very recently, Austin was the Editor-in-Chief of Waypoint as well as the host of Waypoint Radio.

His research and interests frequently concentrate on the relationship between labor politics and the video game business.

Austin has hosted the popular tabletop roleplaying podcast Friends at the Table since 2014, which features a distinct and potent blend of collaborative narrative and critical worldbuilding.

Austin Walker Personal Life

Austin Walker’s date of birth is not known but he looks to be in his thirties. There is also no information about his relationship status, children, and family. He has kept the most essential part of his life a secret from the public.

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