Charles Drury and Lauren Goodger have decided on a name for their second child.

Nine months after giving birth to her first daughter, the former star of The Only Way Is Essex chose the name Larose as the name of her first daughter.

Lauren gave birth to her first daughter, Larose, in July of last year with her boyfriend, Charles.

After Charles’ one-night stand brouhaha last year, the pair announced that they were reuniting to start a family.

On the verge of welcoming a second child, Lauren and Charles told OK! magazine that they are “stronger than ever.”

To “prove himself,” the reality star claimed that instead of exchanging gifts to mend their relationship, he and his partner had “plenty of sex.”

Lauren joked about their reconciliation, saying, “We did have a lot of good sex with a lot of love.” “I believe in him more than ever before.”

After Larose was named after her mother, the couple has now revealed the name they have chosen for their second child together.

Even though their daughters are less than a year apart in age, the parents have said that they will be “little best friends,” but they haven’t said this out loud.

Before her first child was born in July, Lauren said she was worried about taking care of two young kids under the age of one.

I’m delighted that I’ll be able to give Larose a little sister. There is still time for me to become a mother, and I’ve always desired to do so. ” Finally, she said

Lauren showed off her growing baby belly on a recent outing in Essex, where she was all smiling.


What is Lauren Goodger Baby Called?

Lauren Goodger’s new  Baby is called  Lorena. She died two days after her birth.


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