At the moment, the Orioles have six numbers that have been permanently retired: Jersey number 4 for Earl Weaver, Jersey number 5 for Brooks Robinson, Jersey number 8 for Cal Ripken Junior, Jersey number 20 for Frank Robinson, Jersey number 22 for Jim Palmer and Jersey number 33 for Eddie Murray.

MLB and its participating teams have retired a number of uniform numbers over the years, assuring that such numbers will never be worn again and will always be linked with certain players or managers of notable importance.

The Cleveland Indians of 1916 sought to improve sales of scorecards by having players wear numbers on their jerseys, but this failed. The 1929 New York Yankees were the first to make it a regular occurrence. Major league clubs began giving player numbers in 1932, and the leagues implemented regulations requiring them in 1937.

This season, the Orioles have been fast to recognize franchise-changing talent. Those are the six numbers that the Orioles have retired in recognition of their role in placing these jerseys on display at Camden Yards in the first place.

The Orioles charge a hefty premium for retiring numbers, from a manager to starting pitchers to some of baseball’s most recognizable infielders. These players aren’t just good; they’re the next generation’s best.


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