The Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team in Maryland. Before the current name, they were known as St. Louis Browns. After 52 often-beleaguered years in St. Louis, Missouri the franchise was purchased in November 1953 by Baltimore business interests led by Clarence Miles.

While in Baltimore the club underwent a rebranding phase whereby they took upon them the name of the official state bird of Maryland; Orioles. The Orioles name had also been used by several previous major and minor league baseball clubs in Baltimore, including the franchise that would eventually become the New York Yankees. Nicknames for the team include the “O’s” and the “Birds.”

What are Baltimore Orioles Colors for 2022?

The Orioles male bird has its colors be orange, black, white, and gray in the immature ones. Since the Baltimore Orioles name are a reflection of the state bird of Maryland the team also has its colors to be that of the male Orioles( white, orange, black, and grey).

Baltimore Orioles Home Jersey

The Orioles’ home uniform is white with the word “Orioles” written across the chest.



Baltimore Orioles Road Jersey

The road uniform is gray with the word “Baltimore” written across the chest.



Baltimore Orioles Alternate Jerseys

The Baltimore Orioles have 2 alternate jerseys being black and orange respectively.



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