National Football League games can be won or lost by one or two points due to a missed or made kick of the greatest importance in a moment and every starter kicker is a hero.

There are a lot of players who have made their marks in the history Baltimore Ravens when it comes to the team’s all-time best kickers.

We bring you the top five (5) all-time best kickers of Baltimore Raven according to a survey and research conducted by

Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker is an American football placekicker for Baltimore raven in the National Football League. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by Baltimore Raven in 2012.

He formerly played college football for the University of Texas.

Matt Stover

John Matthew known as Matt Stover is a former American football placekicker and one of the greatest kickers to grace the NFL.

In 2009, he become the third most accurate kicker of the NFL season as at the start of the season.

He played 13 seasons in the NFL in different teams including Baltimore Ravens.

J. R. Jenkins

J. R. Jenkins joined Baltimore raven in the 2001-02 offseason. He was signed to replace the incumbent kicker for the team at the Matt Stover as his leg were stronger than Matt’s own.

he joined Baltimore Raven as an undrafted NFL footballer.

Steven Hauschka

Stephen Theodore Hauschka is an American football placekicker a former player for Minnesota Vikings but was later released by the team.

However, he joined the Baltimore Raven later in 2008 where he went on to become one of the all-time best kickers of the team’s history.

Billy Cundiff

William Ambrose Cundiff is a former American football placekicker who played for Drake University. He joined Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted player in 2002.

Baltimore raven finally signed Billy Cundiff in November 2009 to replace Stephen Theodore Hauschka. He was again re-signed to return to the Ravens in 2010.


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