Everyone is excited to go back to watching and to get their favourite contestants to support now that the most anticipated and largest season of 2022 BBNaija has returned to your television.

The reality television show Big Brother Naija, sometimes referred to as BBNaija, has been an essential component of Nigerian society for a substantial amount of time.

Beauty of BBNaija 2022

The program has firmly established itself as an essential component of Nigerian pop culture and entertainment, and it continues to grow in popularity there.

The series has, throughout the course of its existence, given a great number of individuals many hours of enjoyment by way of murky confessionals, dramatic romances, and heartbreaking evictions, among other things.

 Meet Beauty’s Second Big Brother Housemate to Enter the House?

Beauty Originally from Nigeria, Etsanyi Tukura is a beauty pageant contender. She was born on October 21st, 1997. She was crowned Miss Nigeria 2019 after a stunning performance.

Tukura was born in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the youngest of four children. Miss Nigeria 2019 was held at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos, and Tukura emerged victorious.

She was representing Taraba, her native state, in the competition. At StylishBeauty, Tukura oversees a company that sells products made by independent designers all around the world, all under the name “genuine branded items.”

The most anticipated television show, Big Brother Nigeria season 7, now has Beauty as a contestant. She brought the positive energy that, in order to win the competition, each competitor is required to bring on board.

Already, she has garnered a lot of support.

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