For the first time in the history of the reality series, Big Brother Naija’s creators have added an innovative twist that will keep viewers glued to their screens. A second house was introduced by the show’s host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, during the second launch of the “level up” edition.

However, it is unclear if occupants of the two houses will compete against one another. Recall that 13 housemates were introduced during the first launch on Saturday.

BBNaija 2022: What is Sheggz BBNaija's Instagram Account?
BBNaija 2022: What is Sheggz BBNaija’s Instagram Account?

Ebuka welcomed 12 new housemates to the new home on Sunday. The 24 housemates will compete for prizes totaling N100,000,000.

Sheggz has captured a lot of viewers’ attention as BBNaija prepares to premiere its upcoming season. It is not shocking that Sheggz has captured viewers’ attention.

Many people have visited his Instagram page and left him countless numbers of comments expressing their love for him.
The reality? Internet users laud his stunning good looks.

What is Sheggz BBNaija’s Instagram Account?

Segun Daniel Olusemo is Sheggz’s real name, and he was born in 1995. He goes by the shortened version of his name, Sheggz, inside the BBNaija house.

As Sheggs has gained popularity there will be fans who will want to view his photos and videos of Sheggs on his social media handles. You can visit his Instagram Handle on (@sheggzolu).

Sheggz once played for an English club as a professional footballer. Additionally, he has spent a sizable amount of time in America. He has a small amount of an American accent, which demonstrates this.

After being hurt, he was cast in Tola Odunsi’s “The Men’s Club,” a Red TV series.

Videos from his official Instagram account appear to show that he is a decent football player. Sheggz is well-known to several celebrities, and he has been photographed with Terri, a singer signed to Wizkid’s record company. This indicates that he has a few connections and is known to some famous people.

Because of the way his Instagram is set up and the fact that he truly belongs on BBNaija, it appears that Sheggz has been preparing for this time of applying to BBNaija.

He exudes charm, appears to have amassed some wealth, and conveys the impression that he will stop at nothing in the BBnaija house to win.

Sheggz has stated that he will elevate the BBnaija experience for viewers. He declared that he is prepared to interact with new people, bring positive energy, pick up on it, and see what comes to him naturally while remaining authentic.

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