Bella teamed up with her boyfriend Sheggz to confront the housemates when his toothpaste went missing after the latter appeared to lay to spill out frustration about what has just happened.

Sheggz walked down to the lounge to inform the housemates about the toothpaste he had bought in London but couldn’t find it and urged anyone who was keeping it to bring it out.

Bella instantly lent him solidarity quickly by yelling angrily about how rude it was for someone to take something that wasn’t theirs.

She further said that the other Housemates always provided fodder for conversation, even when she didn’t want to react or get involved in any shenanigans.

A frustrated Sheggz said toothpaste is very cheap which means whoever stole it has got nothing on him but still wanted to have his item because he needed to use it that minute.

A caacaphony of disproval greeted his statement as Housemates wondered who could have taken it and probably why he used that tone of voice on them.

Meanwhile, see what fans of the popular programme are saying about Sheggz’s situation;

In reaction to Bella’s outburst over Sheggz’s missing toothpaste, netizens offered their opinions.


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