Following the bitter war of words that occurred on Tuesday between Phyna and Bella, the latter has humbly asked Biggie to give them more food during her Diary Session.

Additionally, Bella told Biggie that Sheggz, her lover, was the only person who had nominated her for eviction. Arguments have become frequent in recent weeks on Big Brother Naija due to the ousted housemates’ sharing of food and leftovers.

Bella and Sheggz were disappointed that the leftover that their former housemates Chomzy and Eloswag had intended for them had not been given to them.

A furious argument between Bella and Sheggz and Rachel last week over the latter’s reluctance to give Bella she preferred food option resulted in a strike warning for Bella’s provocative behaviour.

She believes that supplying more food might lessen the conflicts in the household.

Earlier today, Phyna confronted Bella and Sheggz for speaking with Eloswag and Chomzy about food allocation the previous day.

Phyna advised Bella to stop talking about it since it is now in the past and belongs there. Bella retaliated, saying that no one in the house has the authority to direct her, therefore she will continue to discuss it.

Phyna boldly warned Bella that if they were outside during the altercation, she would beat her up and break her legs. Bella’s response was unperturbed: “Phyna is from the street and definitely lacks etiquette,” she stated.


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