Bella was quick to remind Chizzy that she has a royal background after he went on a bragging spree about having billionaires as his friends.

Chizzy had said he’s from a royal home and has tons of friends as billionaires who will vote for him to ensure he wins this year’s BBNaija Level Up.

Bella however cut in to tell him that she also has royal blood in her veins and if he doubts, he should just Google about her and her family.

“I’m actually a princess, I’m royalty as well. When you leave here, Google me,” Bella told Chizzy.

In other BBNaija news, Chomzy’s decision to embark on feeding approximately 20 million Nigerians has sparked varied reactions, vastly negative on social media.

Chomzy scheduled a press conference with a capable bodyguard in the wee hours of Thursday to inform Nigerians about her noble idea.

The immediate former alumnus of BBNaija Level Up detailed her plans of feeding 20 million Nigerians including children, a project she has named “Feed the Street with Chomzy”.

She stated that she had been involved in a project like this before but now she wants to reach a lot more people. However, netizens have been quick to warn her that her plan, albeit laudable, is overly ambitious and won’t be successful.


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