Groovy has clarified his position in the life of his girlfriend Phyna during a new conversation that ensued between them.

Phyna has been doubtful about Groovy’s true intention for her hence she previously confronted him to define what is going on between them.


Phyna had questioned the singer about why he does not confess his feelings for her in front of others or in private to which Groovy responded that he is truly attracted to her.

He said that the reason was that it was difficult for him to explain but that it was entirely his fault and had nothing to do with her.

When she questioned whether he wanted to fall in love, he said that he did, but discussing an open declaration of love is a difficult subject.

It’s against this background that when the issue was revisited, Groovy said he finds it hard to convey his feelings for Phyna.


‘The word ‘I Love You’ is very heavy to say… I want to get to know you better outside the house before I can say it to you,” Groovy told Phyna bluntly.


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