Hermes, who was eliminated in the final eviction of the show, has said he is 95% certain Phyna will win this year’s Big Brother Naija, Level Up edition.

His comments follow his eviction from the Big Brother Naija show after spending nine weeks inside. If the online chatter and surveys are to be believed, it’s likely that his prediction might be in synch with a popular oipoin on the same tangent.

According to him, when asked who is winning the show in an exclusive interview with Ebuka, host of the big brother Naija level up season 7 episode, Hermes immediately called Phyna’s name with her “Who dem” slans.

Hermes claimed that he was aware of Phyna’s strength from the moment they took possession of it, saying that she exudes energy and vibrations.

“Phyna the ride everyone for that house,” Hermes remarked. He claims that Phyna does not kneel to any men and that despite their efforts to silence her, she still rode so well and exudes that vibe.

As usual, netizens came up with their opinions about this development and we have gathered a few of them below for you;

Folly Young: Ur eviction was a shocked to everyone There is one more Shock which is Bryan when he will be declare As d winner

Hadehoyeh Kemmy: Bella’s winning will shock Hermes more. This time the winning is not for the street rather the rebels. It’s rebel auspicious time of winning.

Clara Atuaka-Williams Awww: Hermes dear, you are very plain and may God grant you your good heart desires. Thanks so much for rooting our Phyna.

Jeffery E. B Pounds: If you want Phyna for the money go and vote for her now, your voting determine who is going to be the winner on Sunday stop making noise

Enyo Priscie: The fact that Bella has more votes than you should shock u and for u to realize the winner is unpredictable It’s not about making noise on social media


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