Amaka Mbah has revealed that she was warming up to tell Groovy how she felt about him only for Phyna who was supposed to be her intermediary, crossed her and started dating him much to her bewilderment.

The reality star who is no longer part of the show following her eviction told Glitch Africa studio that when she told Phyna about how she felt for Groovy, she was very helpful as she encouraged him and all only to get ahead of her and date him.

According to Amaka in the interview, she advised Phyna to wait until Saturday before making contact with Groovy on her behalf even though she liked him.

She claimed that Phyna had encouraged her to date Groovy all through that week, but up until Saturday, she had was surprised to see them together wrapped in a fresh romance.

On the same score, Modella had told Phyna that she approves of her decision to start dating Groovy as long as it makes her happy. A

After Phyna received criticism from Kess, the only married housemate on the show who was axed from the show from the onset, Modella had voiced this position. He explained to her that she had abruptly become too quiet around the house ever after she began dating Groovy.

However, Modella immediately criticized Kess for making such a remark. People enjoy seeing others fall in love, she said, so Phyna should be free to follow her heart.


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