Groovy approached Phyna and told her he craves a kiss but unfortunately he’d got sardine in his mouth.

Phyna playfully told him to leave her alone if indeed there was an impediment to their kiss to which Groovy said ‘las las’ all she needs to brush after they lock lips.

Here’s the brief conversation that ensued between them;

Groovy: I for kiss you but sardine dey my mouth

Phyna: Abeg leave me ooo

Groovy: highest you go brush

As usual, viewers had something to say about their unending romance. See a few samples below;

Let’s Take Mboh Mboh: I keep telling you guys that groovy has fallen for phyna so badly but just want to see if phyna actually loves him too and phyna is well trained and a house wife material who would not love phyna eeh

Abiodun Aireimen: He does not live Phyna, he loves Chomzy but right in Chomzy front he kisses Phyna at will. Make una still dey sell the yeye narrative say him love Chomzy. This guy has long gone pass anything he has for Chomzy.

Endurance Otobo: Haters hw market, phyna dey throw hrslf give am, phyna too lyk una no blind nw xay na groovy g meet her nw dey kiss hr

Adeola Janet: No be me dey kiss, body dey sweet me, phyna to d world

Lilian Ojoh: Oh my goodness!!! This two love birds enjoyment things oooooooo


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