ChiChi has spoken to Phyna one on one and laid bare her motives regarding Groovy and what she had in mind for him before he was eliminated from the competition.


Remember how Phyna called ChiChi out for trying to come between her and Groovy? This drama ensued as the two Housemates attempted to make amends and understand one another.

ChiChi said she got attracted to Groovy the very first week they were all assembled into the Level Up mansion. She said she never knew Groovy’s name or her personality but hence downplayed her admiration for him.


Per her account, she does not want to have any issue with Phyna after their onscreen blossomed.

In her words she said;

“I can never deny that I fancied Groovy…but I have no intention of being with Groovy, I swear on my life.”

Similarly, ChiChi overheard her best friend Phyna and Bella Daniella discussing her relationship with Groovy, who also happens to be Phyna’s lover.

Recall that Phyna has been informing Bella and Rachael about Chichi’s interest in her partner, Groovy, since yesterday. Now that ChiChi is aware of the rumours.

“I’m such a big deal for people to talk about,” she said when she got to know what was swirling around her right under her nose. You have to speak about so, so you people can stay united,” she said this loud not caring if anyone heard her while eating in the head of house bedroom.


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