Chomzy has granted a new interview and spoken about the fact her fans did not vote for her massively to keep her in the house and in the running for the N100m.

The reality star was ousted on September 11 but retained as a House Guest until September 18. After staying in Biggie’s residence for a week, Chomzy, Eloswag, and Doyin were ejected from the show.

On Sunday, September 11th, during the sixth Eviction night program, Biggie surprised everyone by keeping the evicted housemates in the game. The residents of the house remained there until September 18.

Chomzy was evicted from the show alongside Eloswag, Doyin, Allysyn, and Dotun on Sunday night during the Live eviction show. Following her exit from the show, Chomzy had her first interview with Africa Magic where she felt entitled to votes.

She also spoke about the amazing experience she had on the show but fans were quick to point out the part she said viewers did not vote for her and slammed her accordingly.

See below for some of their comments;

One stainless desire wrote, “We guys didn’t vote for you!! Thank God I wasn’t even stannig or voting you cos dis single statement for make u vomit every Kobo wey I take vote u…queen of capping rubbish

Gucci Tos wrote, “Is the you guys did not vote for me so which means you don run 8 the little pple who vote which means their effort is not enough us too chomzy. Next time you go dey humble and stop being a bitterleaf person

Mimi Dino wrote, “There’s something they call appreciation and you lack that…next time appreciate people that spent their hard earned money, time and energy to vote for you instead of complaining

Osika Niama wrote, “You guys didn’t vote for me??? As we are your family members huh??? Entitlement you were too bitter and calling people names and you want to get fans?

Nitan Beauty wrote, “Werey omo have u even said thank you for the time we voted for u wen u where up abi na u dey subscribe DSTV for us. U came out and continued the same attitude that brought you out…chai

Tele Olami wrote, “It is her sense of entitlement for me

Nana Amaelikplim wrote, “She don appreciate her fans sef…others left earlier yet they came out thanking nd appreciating their fans..ur own is to drag them rather

Che Fav wrote, “Look at this one. Even people that left in the 1st and second week we’re not this ungrateful and foolishly entitled, they still showed gratitude to their fans. She’s still in shock that she’s out of the house. That’s what happens when you have a terrible delusion if grandiosity, pride goes before a heavy fall

Abimbola Teniola wrote, “It’s her audacity for me, as if it was you that is subbing for us


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