Groovy has shed light on circumstances that saw Phyna snatching him from Amaka who was the first female to express interest in him but was not bold to express her feelings to him.

Recall when the housemates assembled in the Level Up house, Groovy’s personality was quickly established the female housemates fell for him. The first person who wanted to approach him was Amaka but she was not bold enough to tell him.

She thus recruited Phyna to help her win Groovy’s love but before one could say, Jack, Phyna had encroached on her territory and we all know what happened next. To make matters worst for Amaka, she was evicted that same week so she had no chance to fight for her bonafide property.

Groovy had however said he was the one who moved in with Phyna and that her connection with Amaka made their relationship a little challenging for her. Despite the initial hiccup, he saw that they handled the situation well, and their bond was built.

He made this known when Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the regular host of the reality show engaged him in a conversation after he was evicted.

See a few reactions from viewers of the show below;

Phumike: It’s settled.. he moved for her… He asked her out.”

Nenekaemman: “Thank God Groovy has clarify these issue,phyna did nothing wrong to Amaka, Amaka knows very well that Phyna like Groovy,she even told Groovy that Phyna like him maybe amaka wanted to play fast girl by telling Phyna to toast groovy for her.”

Acupofpeacefulmind_: “Before I believe any of there interview will give them few weeks cause all this one they are saying all of them are just trying to cover up…….till reunion period.”

Enekaemman: “Thank God Groovy has clarify this Phyna and Amaka situation, it was Groovy that move to Phyna.” Omosedeobas: “I like the way Ebuka said it. So peace can lead. Nice one.”

Mauvict_goddess: “Men like Groovy are difficult to find in this planet. The guy is very cultured and mature. The first he did after leaving show is to visit his family. Abeg that guy no dey two for this Naija. Very honest.”


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