BBNaija: Moment Groovy avoids passionate kiss from Phyna

Groovy tried everything possible to avoid Phyna’s kiss while they expanded the romance between them. For this reason, some viewers of the show think Groovy is not really interested in Phyna and only using her as part of his game plan to win the Level Up edition of Big Brother.

Recently, Phyna said that Groovy regularly ignores her and doesn’t enjoy saying “I love you” to her, giving the impression that she is worried about their relationship.

She further said that Groovy doesn’t like her and that she is fooling herself into thinking he loves her while Groovy was pleading. She also suggested that Groovy should look for the girl he loved as they were trying to break up.

But most recently, we witnessed them making passionate love while settling their differences. Alas, Groovy added a twist to the new romance as he avoided Phyna who was desperate to kiss him passionately and probably make love to him.

This elicited a lot of comments from fans most of whom consolidated the theory lumped in the introductory paragraph of this report.

See what most of them said;

queenlindy21: Lmaooo I don’t think he rates her , he doesn’t want to kiss her and is using her for strategy

queenof_shebaa: You only kiss someone if you have feelings for them, Where there’s no feelings, kissing is a turn-off.

lilianifeomaobayemi: Groovy, go u nor gree go. U tried kissing her earlier, she refused. Now, u dey form. Diaries God o. Anyway, Phyna will play dis game with u.🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 #proudlyphynation❤️❤️

phonecasebymaryannie: Groovy also begged her and was forcing to kiss her she refused but Phyna own every knees must bow and every tongue must confess

phonecasebymaryannie: Whatever she wants to do let her do when she comes out with the 100m, she will see groovy is not good for her 😂… For now enjoy premium content

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