One of the Riders in the current season of Big Brother Naija, Rachel has stated bluntly that ChiChi is not a straightforward person.

This was said by Rachel in response to Ebuka’s query on the stability of the Edo Three Sisterhood. According to her, they (Rachel, Phyna, and ChiChi,) are merely in agreement on a specific issue which doesn’t imply that they are close friends.

Ebuka continued by inquiring about Rachel’s thoughts on ChiChi. She claimed that ChiChi is a cool person, but Ebuka, who is well known for shaking the table, did not agree with Rachel’s assessment of ChiChi. Ebuka then questioned Rachel, who went by ChiChi, if being cool has anything to do with lying.

Rachel said that she doesn’t believe ChiChi is being honest and straightforward. She continued by saying that ChiChi enjoys not because of the things she frequently says to others.

Remember that ChiChi has participated in a number of conversations that she was unable to defend. When she told Bella that Amaka had told her that Phyna and Groovy were having affairs under the bed, that was the first problem, which involved Amaka, Phyna, and Groovy.

Bella, who was unable to keep this to herself, revealed it to Chomzy, who then made it public. This led to various sagas that negatively impacted Amaka and Phyna’s friendship. She was repeatedly called upon to defend what she had said to Bella, but she was unable to do so.

Additionally, Rachel told Ebuka that she is not a straightforward person because of the movie ticket incident, which prevented her from blatantly stating that Rachel also paid for the ticket.


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