BBNaija Season 7: Check out Week 8 Voting Poll, results and nominated housemates

In today’s update of BBNaija, we focus on Week 8 voting poll, results and nominated housemates.

If you are an ardent viewer of the Big Brother Nigeria show, you should know by now there are only 13 housemates remaining namely Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Dotun, Hermes, Sheggz, Rachel, Bryann, Daniella, Groovy, Phyna, and Chizzy.

A short while ago, each housemate was given the chance to pick three other housemates they thought ought to be kicked out of the competition this week as they were taken into the diary room one at a time.

Nominations for the eighth week of Big Brother Naija began when Big Brother called the housemates into the diary room and asked them to choose three more housemates they wanted to see exit the competition per the rules of the game.

A description of the BBNaija Week 8 live nomination process and a list of the housemates who were nominated are provided below;

  • Adekunle: Sheggz, Bella & Dotun
  • Daniella: Hermes, Rachel & Bella
  • Dotun: Rachel, Adekunle & Hermes
  • Bryann: Hermes, Adekunle & Bella
  • Bella: Daniella, Rachel & Hermes
  • Sheggz: Rachel, Chichi & Adekunle
  • Allysyn: Bella, Sheggz & Adekunle
  • Hermes: Sheggz, Bella & Rachel
  • Groovy: Allysyn, Chichi & Dotun
  • Chichi: Sheggz, Hermes & Bryann
  • Phyna: Sheggz, Bella & Adekunle

This means Bella, Hermes, Sheggz, Adekunle, Dotun and Chichi were up for eviction but HOH Phyna with veto power save Chichi and replace with Allysyn.

It must be noted that riding housemates, Rachel and Chizzy, are immune from being sent out of the program, thus they cannot be chosen as candidates for the vote.

However, Hermes, who was already serving as head of house, was the only housemate who did not compete in the week’s Head of House task prior to the Monday live nomination on week eight which was eventually won by Phyna.

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