From where we stand, we can keenly see that Phyna and Groovy’s relationship seems to be blossoming and becoming stronger every time they are together.

Fans have begun shipping these two together premised on how much they care for one another and think they will make a great couple.

Chizzy urged Groovy and Phyna not to recreate a scene when they knocked on the door for hours, which probably happened in the previous edition of the BBNaija show.

Although he claimed he wouldn’t identify names, we are certain he is referring to Emmanuel and Liquorose.

In season six of Big Brother Nigeria, Liquorose and Emmanuel shared the house together, and their friendship flourished there but after the reconciliation, Liquorose confessed that Emmanuel had cheated on her, and things went south between them.

Chizzy proverbially mentioned how she went to see Emmanuel and knocked on his door for several hours before learning that he had cheated on her.

In the same vein, fans were pleased to have Chizzy in the house and complimented him for his huge sense of humour and his ability to offer heartwarming counselling such as this.


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