No sooner had Dotun been axed from the show than Adekunle started aiming his shots at Daniella following yesterday’s live broadcast. But Rachel is upset about it.

Some unexpected information and twists were presented during yesterday night’s Live Eviction Show. Along with Dotun and Allysyn, the other three House Guests Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy were also asked to leave.

After learning of Dotun’s eviction, Daniella was seen crying, and the two hugged for a long period before Dotun left. That was the second time Daniella said goodbye to a dear friend from the House after Khalid suffered the same fate a few weeks ago.

Following the eviction of five housemates, Ebuka returned to the house to shake some tables. The most famous question was on Adekunle. “You seem to be dropping some subliminal lyrics on Daniella. What is happening there?” Ebuka enquired.

Adekunle revealed to Ebuka that they are becoming more intimate and that he is avoiding Daniella due to the difficulty of her relationship with Dotun. Dotun received attention on the Live Show stage as well as admitting his feelings for Daniella.

They have grown closer recently, spent a week sleeping together in the HoH Bedroom, and even kissed. But Daniella has refrained from getting serious with Dotun out of concern that she will be shamed for leaving Khalid.

Although she acknowledged feeling the same way for him, she has never defined their relationship. Daniella is no longer connected with Dotun because he is no longer a House member. Adekunle has told Rachel about his plan and is getting ready to shoot.

Adekunle plans to win the Head of House Games and ask Daniella to be his HoH Bedroom companion in order to forward things more quickly.

Could Daniella make this happen? It should go without saying that they will spend the majority of their time in bed together, making it the perfect place for them to spend alone time and get to know one another.

Adekunle feels he should be able to talk to Rachel about Daniella because she is his closest friend in the House.


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