Adekunle, Bryann, and Daniella have served as the House’s three musketeers for the past week. Bryann and Adekunle are definitely three, no matter where Daniella is in the House.

In this regard, the trio have all decided to take on the responsibility of caring for Daniella. She partied a little too hard on one occasion, even becoming queasy, but Bryann made sure she got the help she required. They accompanied her for her Tail of House punishment so that she wouldn’t have to complete the laborious work by herself.

Daniella requested Bryann to sleep with her if she got too drunk at the Thursday Night Pool Party. She did, and Bryann followed his word by sharing her bed at night. Before the group fell asleep, Bryann entered the space and expressed his displeasure at being a resident of the House.

He said he needed some space because he had been disguising his pet peeves but that he could no longer do so. Daniella assumed Bryann required some separation from him. Both Bryann and Adekunle attempted to refute Adekunle’s claim that it was her.

As Bryann kept complaining about his anticipation for exiting the House, Adekunle told Daniella he loves her. “No, you don’t,” she said to him, and he gently started to rub her arm. 

Daniella however insisted she was the one Bryann was complaining about. “You can tell me if I am making you upset,” Daniella said to Bryann. “It can never be you. I love you,” Bryann said to Daniella, who responded with “I love you very very very very much.”

Adekunle was quick to question Daniella’s response. “How come you believe him, but you don’t believe me about the love thing,” he asked. On Day 69, Adekunle confronted Daniella about her lack of reciprocation when she told her he loves her but responded to Bryann. 

Hinged on the foregoing, recalled that when Ebuka asked Daniella during last week’s Sunday Live Eviction Show who she chooses between KhalidDotun, and Adekunle. Daniella told Ebuka that she chooses herself. 


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