The Seattle Seahawks were founded in 1976 as an expansion team and have had a rocky road ever since then. For much of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, they were a hopeless expansion team before finally breaking through in the mid-1980s.

There was not much success in the 1990s but the 21st Century has seen a rebound with almost annual appearances in the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks have been in three Super Bowls, winning one and losing two.

Here is a list of 5 of the Best Seattle Seahawks Starting Quarterback In History.

1. Matt Hasselbeck

In addition to leading his team to the Super Bowl, he also holds the record for the most throwing yards in a single game with 449. It’s hard to imagine a team without him as their starting quarterback.

2. Russell Wilson

As a result of his exceptional defensive skills, Wilson was drafted into the NFL by a team that was desperate for new talent. He has swiftly become one of the league’s most accurate passers, dynamic players, and generally one of the league’s finest players.

Wilson hasn’t missed a game in eight years. For Seattle, he has started and played in all 128 regular season games. As a quarterback, Wilson is a six-time Pro Bowler and an absolute winner. For seven seasons, he has led the Seahawks to a winning record and seven playoff appearances.

3. Jim Zorn

Zorn played for the Seahawks for 40 games before moving on to Green Bay and Tampa Bay to conclude his career.

The Seahawks boast a talented group of quarterbacks, with Zorn presently ranking fourth with 20,122 passing yards. He is one of only four quarterbacks in the history of the Seattle Seahawks to throw for more than 100 touchdowns.

4. Dave Krieg

In 1980, Krieg was just 22 years old when he joined the Seattle Seahawks, and he stayed there for 12 years. After leaving the Seahawks, Krieg played for five different teams in seven years.

Although he made his first Pro Bowl appearance in 1984, he didn’t start every game for the Seahawks until that year.
Krieg rushed for 3,671 yards and 32 touchdowns in 1984. He led the league in interceptions with 24 while leading the Seahawks to a 12-4 record.

5. Warren Moon

He made his NFL debut with the Houston Oilers in 1984. For the first three years of his NFL career, he played for the Minnesota Vikings after ten years in Houston. At the age of 41, Moon re-signed with the Seahawks after being cut from his previous deal.
Quickly, Moon demonstrated his ability to keep going.

Moon passed for 3,678 yards and 25 touchdowns in 1997, when he was the starting quarterback. That year, he was selected to his tenth Pro Bowl and was awarded the game’s MVP award.


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