Best Washington Football Team Defensive Players Of All-Time

Professional American football team Washington Football Team is situated in the Washington metropolitan region. The franchise, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, is a member of the National Football Conference East division of the National Football League.

Depending on whether the play is a passing or a running one, the defensive lineman’s job is to keep the offensive line from opening up channels for the running back or to sack the quarterback. As a general rule, defensive linemen attack opposing offensive lines, although, on occasion, they drop back to cover the pass.

Here is a list of 5 of the Best Washington Football Team Defensive Players Of All-Time.

1. Dexter Manley

Dexter Dexter was a monster on kickoffs during his freshman season, and he has 97.0 career sacks. After nine seasons with the Washington Redskins, Dexter Manley is the all-time best defensive tackle. Manley became one of the league’s top pass rushers while playing with the Washington Redskins, collecting seven career sack totals of at least 8.5.

2. Charles Mann

Throughout his career, Mann had established himself as the Redskins’ greatest all-around lineman. The three-time Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler racked up 83 sacks while also being a formidable run stopper. Mann was a cornerstone of the Washington Redskins’ defense for the better part of a decade.

3. Dave Butz

In the early 1970s, George Allen’s defense consisted mainly of elderly veterans, but in 1975, he brought in a young player from another club to supplement his own. Butz’s greatest season came in 1983, when he recorded 11.5 sacks and was named to the Pro Bowl and 1st Team All-Pro teams for the first time in his career. Two-time NFL champion with the Redskins, he is a part of the team’s legacy.

4. Gene Brito

Brito, on the other hand, had a long and successful career as a defender for the team in the past. To put it another way, Brito was a 5x Pro Bowler and a 3x 1st Team pick during his 7 years with the Redskins organization.

5. Diron Talbert

Diron Talbert joined the Redskins after four seasons with the Rams and went on to have his greatest years as a pro there. From 1971 until 1980, he was a member of the team and started practically every game he could. During Talbert’s 14-year career with the Skins, his greatest season came in 1974, when he was nominated to his lone Pro Bowl.

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