We might as well remember the glory days of quarterback consistency for the Redskins and power rank the top five quarterbacks in Redskin history after a hard year for quarterbacks in Washington.

Three Super Bowls have been won by the franchise, each with a different quarterback (Joe Theismann in 1982, Doug Williams in 1987, and Mark Rypien in 1991).

Despite the fact that many quarterbacks have impressive resumes in Washington, only five can make the cut, so let the countdown begin.

The top five quarterbacks in Redskins history are listed

5. Billy Kilmer

Billy Kilmer wasn’t the most flashy quarterback, and he didn’t put up spectacular stats, but he knew how to win, which is why he’s on our list.

Kilmer was the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins for six years and was quite effective as a signal-caller.

In five of his six years as the starting quarterback, the former Redskin led the team to the playoffs, demonstrating that he was a winner and a leader by regularly keeping his team in contention.

Kilmer was not a Hall of Fame quarterback and only appeared in one Pro Bowl, but wins are wins, and he is the Redskins’ fifth-best quarterback.

4. Mark Rypien

One of Mark Rypien’s many qualities is that he is a champion.

Before a 20-year drought that continues to this day, Rypien brought Washington its last Super Bowl victory.

The Washington State product led the Redskins to a Super Bowl victory in 1991 and had a solid career overall in Washington.

Rypien is another quarterback who made this list because he was a winner, leading the Washington Redskins to win seasons in all but one of his seasons as the starting quarterback.

From every other Redskin quarterback in history to the top three, the Super Bowl champion is the ideal bridge.

3. Sonny Jurgensen

Sonny Jurgensen, a five-time Pro Bowler who is now in the Hall of Fame, is ranked third on this list.

Jurgensen coached the Redskins to an overall record of 52-51-5 and just once led the league in touchdown passes as a Redskin.

Jurgensen has three times led the league in throwing yards for Washington, but he lacks the “it” factor that the next two players possess.

The legendary quarterback has no question cemented his place in Redskin lore, but he comes in third on this list due to a lack of that one “thing” that elevates him above the top two players on the list.

2. Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann played quarterback for the Washington Redskins for eight years and made the most of his opportunity.

Unlike Mark Rypien, who also won a Super Bowl with the Redskins, Theismann defined an era of Redskin football, while Rypien was the quarterback for a number of years.

Theismann led the Redskins to three postseason berths in his career, going 77-47 as a quarterback while playing all of his games for Washington.

Theismann is one of the greatest Redskins quarterbacks of all time, while never putting up the outrageous stats that distinguish great quarterbacks from mediocre quarterbacks.

1. Sammy Baugh

Other than the fact that Sammy Baugh is the greatest quarterback in Redskins history, I’m not sure what to make of him. Baugh truly transformed the quarterback position, making the forward pass an important offensive play during a period when football was still finding its feet.

After being picked sixth overall in the 1937 NFL draft, “Slingin’ Sammy” played for the Redskins for 16 years and was named to the Pro Bowl six times. During his illustrious career, the TCU product was named to the first-team All-Pro four times and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1963.

Despite shaky numbers when not adjusted for his period and an average quarterback record, Baugh remains the undisputed finest signal-caller in Redskins history.


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