William Robert Jolyon Turnbull was a British journalist and broadcaster. During his later years, he worked as a presenter for the radio station Classic FM, having previously spent a significant amount of time as a presenter for the BBC.

From 2001 to 2016, he was the primary male presenter on BBC Breakfast. In addition, he hosted the television program Think Tank and the religious program Songs of Praise.

His educational background includes Eton College and the University of Edinburgh, where he served as editor of the student newspaper. In1978, he received his diploma from Cardiff University.

Bill Turnbull Parents

Turnbull was born to a Scottish-English dad and an English mom on 25 January 1956, in Guildford, Surrey. His mom was a teacher and his dad worked as a broker in England

Bill Turnbull Wife

Sarah McCombie is the wife of Bill Turnbill and the mother of their kids. The couple was married in the London Borough of Hackney in the month of March 1988.

Bill Turnbull Children

Bill and his wife Sarah are the parents of three beautiful children. Their first son Henry was born in October 1988 and their second son Will was born in October 1989. Flora who is their only daughter was born in August 1991

Bill Turnbull Siblings

Bill Turnbull does not have any siblings that we know of according to our research. We will keep updating if there is a hint of any close relative


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