Robert Gilliland Beckel was an American political analyst and pundit, and a former political operative. He was a former analyst and commentator on Fox News.

Beckel worked in the Carter administration, ran Walter Mondale’s failed 1984 presidential campaign, and later became a Fox News political analyst, often serving as a token Democratic voice on the network’s panels.

Bob Beckel Cause of Death

Bob Beckel’s cause of death was not specified. “We miss him already,” former colleague Sean Hannity said Monday evening on his Fox News show.

Who Was Bob Beckel?

Bob Beckel co-hosted, alongside Dana Perino and Greg Gutfield, Fox’s long-running board syndicated program The Five until he was dropped in 2017 over an inhumane comment made to an African-American representative, the organization said at that point.

He had recently left the organization in 2015 subsequent to going through major back a medical procedure.

Beckel was born in New York City in 1948 and went to Wagner College in Staten Island. During his political career, Beckel filled in as a mission director for Walter Mondale’s 1984 official mission.



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