Boston Red Sox, one of America’s great baseball teams based in Boston founded in 1901. They were initially known as Boston Americans from 1901-1907. In the year 1908, under the ownership of John I.

Taylor renamed the team as Boston Red Sox following the previous team called Boston Red Stockings now Atlanta Braves. Just like every good team, or league the players all dress up in uniform attire representing them or what they stand for (jerseys).

The Red Sox have their colors as red, navy blue, and white. For every baseball team, there are home jerseys, road/away jerseys, road jerseys, alternate jerseys, and other uniforms.

logo of red sox

Home Jersey

The home jersey for the Red Sox is white with red piping around the neck and down either side of the front placket. The inscription RED SOX can be seen on the chest area of the jersey with blue outlining.

Home Jersey of Red Sox

 Road Jersey

The road jersey is a grey one with the name Boston boldly written on the chest of the jersey in red with blue outlining.

Alternate Jerseys

Boston Red Sox have 2 alternate jerseys; one being red in color and the other, navy blue.


The new alternate jersey?

In the year 2021, Boston Red Sox added a new color to its alternate collections. It is yellow and blue. The new jersey was a part of Nike’s MLB ” City Connect” series. According to Nike, the jersey captures the color scheme of the Boston Marathon, which is held annually on Patriots’ Day in the city.

 The City Connect uniform adopts colors that honor the spirit of Patriots’ Day weekend. It has the bold inscription Boston across the chest paying tribute to the Boylston Street finish line. The numbers 617′ are highlighted on the left sleeve as a nod to the area code for Boston and Fenway Park.

The jersey was meant to be worn just twice in 2021 during some games in April 2021 on a Saturday and a Sunday. But in September 2021, they wore the same jersey for three games against the Orioles.

Will we be seeing more of the yellow alternate this year? Time shall surely tell.


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