Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms, QUEEN ELIZABETH II is dead, according to a tweet by RapTV on Twitter.

About 9 hours ago, Queen Elizabeth II was reported to have canceled her virtual engagements after she tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 two days ago.

Queen Elizabeth Is Dead

It was speculated that she canceled the virtual events as her situation with covid worsened in the early hours of today, Tuesday 22nd Februar, 2022.

At about 10:00 PM GMT, RapTV (@raptvcom) took to its official Twitter handle with over 299.8k followers to speculate that the Queen of England is no more.

“JUST IN: Queen Elizabeth has passed away,” the tweet by RapTv read.


This is still a rumour as Buckingham Palace has not issued any statement to confirm the reports that have fast gone viral on social media.

More details on the rumour coming soon…..



  1. She’s been dead a couple of years now, her doubles & cgi have been used so people think she’s still alive!

  2. I thought she had been dead a yr or so! Oh yeah i forgot timing wasn’t right til now!!!

  3. There are many of us who already know what happened. The royal family has been gone at least since 2019; executed for crimes against humanity- trafficking, adrenochrome, satanic rituals. Those who are still asleep will think she and the others “tested positive for CV-19” and died from it. These are military comms for arrest/execution. Her legacy, however, will be preserved, so the truth won’t be told. Operation London Bridge will occur as soon as she is officially announced deceased, which is an elaborate protocol for announcement, mourning, who takes over, etc. However, Charles and Camilla were executed, Harry and Meghan executed. The only royals in the UK who are left, are William and his family. They are powerless. More than likely, the White Hats will roll out their plan to save the UK and its territories from the cabal.

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