Brent Renaud: Who is the US Journalist Killed in Ukraine?

Who is the US Journalist Killed in Ukraine?

Brent Renaud is a former New York Times reporter and Journalist who was killed by Russian Soldiers on Sunday.

Renaud’s career as a journalist began in 2005 when he and his brother Craig Renaud decided to film “Dope Sick Love,” their debut documentary. HBO took up the program, and it was nominated for an Emmy for best documentary.

“Dope Sick Love” is a documentary that depicts two heroin addicts as they try to feed their addiction on the streets of New York.

Renaud and his brother were so committed to filming the documentary that they would spend weeks on the streets with the couples, he added.

Renaud attended Hall High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he grew up. He majored in English at Southern Methodist University after graduating from high school.

He went on to Columbia University in New York City for his master’s degree in sociology.

Renaud grew interested in journalism while at Columbia University, where he was surrounded by publications such as the New York Times and NPR, he said. Renaud says he interned at BBC, PBS, and Rolling Stone, among other places.

Renaud now works as a documentary producer at 501 Films in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he and his brother collaborate with other documentary filmmakers to produce films for clients such as Vice News, HBO, and The New York Times, according to him.


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