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Brett Kavanaugh Child, Who Is Liza Kavanaugh?

Brett Kavanaugh is an American lawyer and jurist serving as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Ken Starr hired Kavanaugh as an Associate Counsel in the Office of the Independent Counsel, where he worked alongside colleagues Rod Rosenstein and Alex Azar until 1997.

Liza Kavanaugh and Margaret Kavanaugh
Liza Kavanaugh and Margaret Kavanaugh

The investigation into Vincent Foster’s death was renewed by him in that role. For more than a decade, investigators suspected Foster had killed himself.

Wilentz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times last year criticizing Kavanaugh for using federal funds and other resources to investigate political conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Michael Foster, who was found dead in his home in June 2018.

In 1998, Kavanaugh returned to Starr as an Associate Counselor after working in private practice 1997 to 1998. When Kavanaugh appeared in front of the Supreme Court in 1998, it was his first and only appearance.

Kavanaugh requested the Supreme Court to disregard attorney-client privilege in the inquiry of Foster’s death when arguing for Starr’s office. It was a 6–3 decision for the court to dismiss Kavanaugh’s appeals.

Brett Kavanaugh Child, Who Is Liza Kavanaugh?

Liza Kavanaugh is the daughter of Brett Kavanaugh. Liza has a sister who goes by the name Margaret. Her grandparents are Martha Kavanaugh, Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Jr., John Estes, and Nancy Estes.

Since she is not aged, details about her age and educational background so far is kept discrete.

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