After serving as a clerk for the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh returned to Ken Starr’s Office of the Independent Counsel in 1997 as an Associate Counsel alongside colleagues Rod Rosenstein and Alex Azar.

A probe into Vincent Foster’s shooting death in 1993 was restarted under his watch. For more than a decade, investigators suspected Foster had killed himself.

New York Times op-ed piece by Princeton University history professor Sean Wilentz slammed Kavanaugh for using federal funds and other resources to investigate partisan conspiracy theories about the cause of Foster’s death.


In 1998, Kavanaugh returned to Starr as an Associate Counselor after two years in private practice.

As part of Swidler & Berlin v. United States (1998), Kavanaugh made his Supreme Court debut. Kavanaugh requested the Supreme Court to disregard attorney–client privilege in the inquiry of Foster’s death when arguing for Starr’s office.

By a vote of 6–3, the Supreme Court rejected Kavanaugh’s arguments.


He was one of the authors of the Starr Report on the Clinton–Lewinsky sex scandal, issued in September 1998, which argued for Clinton’s impeachment.

Clinton’s “disgraced office” and “lied to the American people” were cited as examples by Kavanaugh, who encouraged Starr to ask Clinton sexually explicit questions and portrayed Clinton as engaging in “a conspiracy to obstruct justice,” among other things.

“Essential” to the prosecution’s case against Clinton, the dossier described in detail each of Clinton’s sexual interactions with Lewinsky.

Brett Kavanaugh Education Background

During his high school years, Kavanaugh attended Georgetown Preparatory School, a private Roman Catholic school.

Kavanaugh earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University in 1987, where his paternal grandfather Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Sr. had studied in the 1920s. He then attended at Yale Law School, getting a law degree in 1990.

 Brett Kavanaugh Alma Mater


Yale Law School


Yale College



Georgetown Preparatory School


Yale University

Ezra Stiles College

Mater Dei School




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