Brian Houston Children: Meet Joel Houston, Laura Houston And Ben Houston

Brian Charles Houston is a pastor and evangelist from New Zealand who founded Hillsong Church in Sydney in 2001. Brain Houston was born on February 17, 1954, in Auckland, New Zealand, to Frank and Hazel Houston.

Houston has three famous siblings: Maureen Bradshaw, Graeme Houston, and Beverly Houston.

Houston stepped down from his church duties in January 2022 after being accused criminally in Australia for allegedly hiding his father’s sexual abuse of a minor, which he became aware of in the 1990s.

Houston has maintained his innocence and announced that he wants to enter a “not guilty” plea. He resigned as the church’s worldwide senior pastor in March 2022 after being found to have violated the church’s moral code in his behavior with two women.

Brian has been married to his wife, Bobbie, since 1977, and they had three children: Joel Houston, Laura Houston, and Ben Houston.

Meet Joel Houston, Laura Houston, And Ben Houston

Brian Houston’s eldest son is Joel Houston. He is a well-known singer, composer, and Hillsong Church, pastor.
On September 19, 1979, Joel was born. He has a 42-year-old wife named Esther Houston.

Brian Houston’s daughter is Laura Togg. Laura and her husband, Peter, lead Hillsong Church’s Youth Ministry.

Brian Houston’s second kid is Benjamin Houston. He is also the founder and pastor of Hillsong Church in California.
He’s married to Lucille, and they have three children.

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