Brian Houston Parents: Meet Frank Houston and Hazel Houston

Brain Charles Houston is a New Zealand-Australian pastor and evangelist who founded the Hillsong Church in 2001.

Born on  February 17, 1954 (age 68 years), Auckland, New Zealand, to his parents by the names of Frank Houston and Hasel Houston in Auckland, New Zealand.

Brain is married to his beautiful spouse by the name of Bobbie Houston with whom they have three children together.

The Hillsong senior pastor is said to have resigned from his [position as the leader of the Hillsong church after he was said to have been criminally charged in Australia for allegedly concealing the sexual abuse of a child by his father, of which he became aware in the 1990s.

Brian Houston Parents: Meet Frank Houston and Hazel Houston

Frank and Hazel Houston are said to be the parents of the senior pastor of the Hillsong Church Brain Houston.

Meet Frank Houston

William Francis “Frank” Houston was a Pentecostal Christian pastor in the Assemblies of God in New Zealand and Australia.

Frank Houston founded Sydney Christian Life Centre, which would eventually come under the leadership of his son Pastor Brian Houston before merging into Hillsong Church.

Born on April 22, 1922, in Whanganui, New Zealand, Frank is said to have died on November 8, 2004, Sydney, Australia

Frank is a father of two children; Brian Houston and  Maureen Bradshaw.

Meet Hazel Houston

Hazel Houston is the mother of Brain Houston and the wife of Frank Houston.

Tho much is not known about Hazel, She is said to have supported her husband and child’s dream in ministry as she stood by them all the way.

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